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Founded in 2005, by its present Artistic Director, Josh Beamish, MOVE: the company is a contemporary dance company based in Vancouver BC, committed to the creation and performance of original choreographic works by both emerging and established artists, while also paying tribute to creations of the past.

Consisting of a rotating core group of dance artists, the company's principal focus is the development of the contemporary dance artists in Vancouver and British Columbia. The company also aims to include collaborators from other arts forms, such as video, music, spoken word and theatre, through involvement in the creative process. Mixing traditional creative practices with atypical collaborative works, MOVE: the company aims to encourage today’s audiences to take an interest in the dance of today, while simultaneously promoting appreciation for the foundation of Canadian dance history.

MOVE: the company is dedicated to the presentation of new, challenging and exciting works and promises to provide a performance experience the audience won't soon forget.